Terms & Conditions

International Shipping Orders: 

We are responisble for tracking within the United States. But when the package is outside of the United States, the international customer is responsible for tracking his/her package since some US carriers will not update our tracking information once the package is outside of the United States.

We are not responsible if package is lost during transportation between United States to Destination or is not delivered at the international customer's address.

Inshape of return package from international customer, we will NOT be responsible for return charges of the package(s) for any reason (e.g Broken Product,Torn/Split Product, Lose of Shape, Not Functioning, Any Fitment issues, Not According to Description as per item was listed or any other reason). For these returns from international customers, we will refund only Product Value/Cost after deduction of original shipping(United States to Destination) to the international customer but only after the returned item has been delivered to our store and the item is New/Unused.

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